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Tax Preparation Services

You have two options for having taxes prepared!

Remote Tax Preparation

Taxes Done by Email
(requires an email and smartphone, computer/scanner, OR fax machine).
SEND DOCUMENTS VIA emailtext, or upload to Client Portal.

Video Tax Preparation

Taxes Done by Video
(requires Zoom and texting documents or emailing documents 24 to 48-business hours before the scheduled appointment)  Pictures MUST be clear. 

SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT HERE $50 fee to secure the appointment

The Client should read all Tax Preparation Instructions, Engagements, etc.

Please ASK any questions you may have and contact our customer service team via email to or telephone at (708) 357-0511.

*Please note: Individual and Business Preparation (actual fee is based on the individual situation, documents provided, and records received)

*Prices are subject to change at the discretion of management

Individual Tax Preparation

Business Return * Tax Preparation

*Those that are NOT a Sole Proprietor AND filing Form 1040 w/ Schedule C

The business that does NOT have financial statements for tax preparation, will be charged for bookkeeping services.  The client must make a down-payment equal to 5 hours, additional hours will be billed and are due upon completion of business return.  If bookkeeping hours are less than 5 hours the balance will be credited to the Client Tax Preparation.

Hourly Rate Determination (bookkeeping w/tax preparation) is based on the following; Special Rate (Business is <2 years old AND annual business revenue is <$75,000 or 501c3 Not-for-Profit) Based on Revenue and Number of Transactions (Business is >3 years old AND annual business revenue is >$75,001)

**all prices are subject to change without notice at management discretion.