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By Our Founder, Danielle S. Brown

Knowing the numbers and establishing a strong foundation as a business owner is crucial to starting, sustaining, and growing any business.

For Businesses that do not have a bookkeeper or accountant, Monthly Services are recommended and more cost effective.

All services are available as needed (a la carte).

All services can be packaged and customized to meet your business needs.

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Schedule a “Deep Dive” Call. Invest – do not let talking about your finances continue to hinder you!  

We understand that discussing finances and business can be overwhelming when you want to help people and make an impact! 

During the Deep Dive Call, you will meet a DSB Solutions consultant who will take the time to listen to any questions you may have regarding your business, its finances, and your finances (if you want to open up).  The DSB Solutions consultant will conduct a needs assessment to help you define company accounting, business, and tax goals to set priorities for immediate execution after the call.

You will leave the call with actionable steps to solve immediate problems and address some challenges the business or business owner may be experiencing.


As a bonus, you will receive a proposal for services.  DSB Solutions will provide you will three (3) different package deals based on your current budget.  We provide the services you need and price them according to your affordability.  Meaning you may want quarterly (every three months) financial statements but are only able to afford bi-annual (every six months) financial statements


**Revenue Responsibility = the amount of revenue DSB Solutions will be responsible for managing.  Managing a budget, government grant or contract in the amount of $150,000.00, DSB Solutions would charge $4,500.00 to $15,000.00 (3-10% based on customized package selected). 

Training and Signature Talks

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