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About Us

Our Mission & Vision

DSB Solutions’ mission is to help small business owners comply, know their financial numbers, and make better business decisions, both; Administrative & Fiscal

Administrative: Compliance, Forms, Policies, Processes, etc. because they help business systems flow!

Fiscal: Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation

DSB Solutions’ vision is to build small business by helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals alike overcome the obstacles, stress, and fear in business associated with finances and paperwork for people of color.


Years of Experience


Happy Clients

Danielle Sheree Brown, CEO/Founder

The owner, Danielle Sheree Brown, utilizes her education, skills, training, and love of people to assist in the sustainability of small businesses while helping them save money. 

Danielle started DSB Solutions in 2007 as a method of sustaining her daughter’s daycare expenses during a difficult time. Over the years, she began to see why God positioned her where he did and breathed life into DSB Solutions.  DSB Solutions’ approach to finances, documentation and compliance helps clear the cloud of fear with the light of faith, focus, and knowledge of the ins and outs and inner workings of business today.

DSB Solutions focuses primarily on good policies, clear and concise documentation, and financial records to solidify business compliance for business owners and entrepreneurs of color.  

DSB Solutions helps our clients know that it is possible to overcome the obstacles, stress, and fear associated with finances, policies, procedures, and paperwork. As a result, DSB Solutions has a diverse clientele.

As an entrepreneur, I understand entrepreneurs!
– Danielle