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DSB Solutions started in 2007 with a simple mission to help. 

DSB Solutions specializes in budgeting, proper fiscal management, compliance, and tax preparation services. We help small businesses, especially those within the urban community, understand the importance of compliance, contracts, proper cash management, documentation, and timely filing of the appropriate tax returns. 

DSB Solutions has serviced a diverse clientele. Representing clients for IRS desk audits, preparing clients for grant/A-133 audits, electronically filing tax returns, and providing monthly Fiscal Management services to small businesses.

We serve impact-driven Non-Profit and Service-Based businesses and start-ups committed to leveling up their business, finances, and money mindset.

We help clients focus on business goals, while DSB Solutions focus on proper cash management (bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes) and compliance (CFO advisory services).

The owner, Danielle Sheree Brown, wanted to utilize her education, skills, and training to assist in the sustainability of small businesses while helping them save money from hiring full-time staff and pay employer taxes for a position EVERY business needs, accountant or bookkeeper. As a certified mental health first aider, trauma survivor, and founder of a Non-Profit that helps people address and overcome trauma, Danielle helps clients address the trauma that hinders most business owners from not overspending, budgeting, and cutting back in one area to reach a goal in another place. (Read more about Danielle below)

DSB Solutions focuses primarily on good policies, clear and concise documentation, and financial records to solidify business compliance for business owners and entrepreneurs.  


DSB Solutions’ approach to finances, documentation and compliance, helps clear the cloud of fear with the light of faith, focus, and knowledge of the ins and outs and inner workings of business today.


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From the Desk of Danielle Sheree Brown, Founder

I initially started DSB Solutions out of a need in March of 2007. I was a single mother diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after a car accident who could not work a full-time position. Although my body was working against me, and I was denied disability from social security, I still had to support myself and my daughter. 

With a degree in business management, unprecedented accounting training, exceptional executive assistant skills and a gift in administration, I set my sights on helping others. I honed in on developing services to help advance the sustainability of businesses administratively and fiscally. I understand entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and business owners. With a wealth of knowledge, my approach is unmatched. 

As a certified mental health first-aider and trauma-informed leader, I help clients think about money differently. 

I focus on good policies, clear and concise documentation, and financial records. My goal with every client served is to pass Federal, State, and Local audits. 

I am a powerhouse in business and have proven that it is possible to overcome the obstacles, stress and fear associated with finances, policies, procedures and paperwork, especially for the urban community and people of color. 

After experiencing some personal trauma in 2020, I began to see just how vital DSB Solutions is! 

I await to see how far God takes DSB Solutions and EVERY client we work with!


As an entrepreneur, I understand entrepreneurs! 
– Danielle Sheree Brown