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DSB Solutions provides CFO advisory, accounting, training, signature talks, and tax preparation services to purpose-driven non-profits and service-based businesses that have an impactful program or service but have challenges running the business administratively and knowing the numbers fiscally.

Improper Fiscal Management and Late Tax Filings can lead to fines, penalties, interest – loss of funding, and more!


DSB Solutions started in 2007 with a simple mission to help. Over the decades, DSB Solutions has become one of
the most impactful firms assisting small businesses and start-ups set a solid foundation (administratively) to sustain and grow financially. 


Proper Business Administration and Cash Management equals the UNMATCHED Fiscal Management Services at DSB
Solutions – Business & Tax Services.



Does Talking About Your Financials, Expenses, and write-offs make you squirm?

DSB Solutions helps our clients face their fears to spend well, sustain, and build wealth.  There is no shame.  DSB Solutions creates safe and brave spaces for our clients to be open, learn, and become better leaders through proper cash management and understanding the administrative processes that directly affect revenue generation and create a financial loss. 


TAKE CONTROL – Your Bank Balance is not how much money you have to spend.  Are you planning for large purchases? Are you planning to hire staff?  Are you co-mingling funds (this is illegal)?  Get the HELP you Need. Schedule an Appointment TODAY here.

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