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Who Are We ...

DSB Solutions provides accounting, bookkeeping, CFO Advisory Services, Tax Preparation, Training, and Workshops to service-based businesses, non-profits, and truck drivers.

DSB Solutions started in March 2007 to help businesses start, grow, and sustain.  At DSB Solutions, educating clients is a top priority.

DSB Solutions teaches business clients how to practice financial self-care through proper fiscal management, making achieving their goals more accessible. 
We help small business owners mobilize within and sustain the ebbs and flows of business through proper fiscal management.

As a Minority and Female Managed business,
DSB Solutions understands the financial trauma experienced by business professionals, especially women and people of color.

DSB Solutions
helps clients overcome the cloud of fear associated with managing business finances well in a safe-brave space.

What sets
DSB Solutions apart from the competition


  • Our People
  • Customized Service Options within Client Budget
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Strategic Mix of Accounting and Business Management
  • Ability to make finances fun


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